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Noise Scavengers is a sound art band that explores the intersection between rock instruments, sound art, electronic music and art music.

In 2022 the Noise Scavengers developed the show Augmented Hyenas. The show involved new technology in the form of wearable sound controllers and synthesizers. This technology was developed in collaboration with Stelarc, Richard Allen and JOLT Arts.

Augmented Hyenas was premiered in November 2022 at JOLTED Arts Space through funding from the City of Darebin Arts Program. The success of the performance has led the band to create an album from the show, and then to further performances of the show in Australia and Japan in 2023.

Originally, Noise Scavengers started as a youth sound art program in Corio, Geelong, which began in 2010. When the youth group artists became adults, they chose to pass the name of the group, it’s aesthetic and methodologies on to the NDIS Program at JOLT Arts.

The new version of the band is mentored by Michael Hewes and James Hullick.


2010-2020: THE CORIO YEARS

Noise Scavengers ran as a youth ensemble from 2010-2020, and was initiated by JOLT Arts and Cloverdale Community Centre, Corio in northern Geelong. The Corio version of the Noise Scavengers was highly applauded in the arts world:

“Mainstream music was thrown out the window at the Valley Mill on Saturday. Talented young musicians from Geelong’s northern suburbs showcased some of their own creations in a sonic adventure titled THE DESERT.”
Geelong Advertiser

Since their inception, the Corio Noise Scavengers developed their own take on sound art and experimental music. Industrial, experimental and unpredictable, Noise Scavengers could be electrifying or very Zen.

The Corio Noise Scavengers ensemble performed several major works over several years with JOLT Arts including SONIC FLOCK in the Melbourne Festival 2013 alongside a diverse range of professional musicians, and THE DESERT – one of their earlier soundscapes for Geelong After Dark 2015 in a public toilet. In 2016, Noise Scavengers created and performed the show CACOPHONY WOLVES with emerging feminist writer Sarah Smith and sound artist Dave Brown for THE BOOK OF DAUGHTERS – a mini festival at the Meat Market.


Stuart Flenley

Stuart Flenley

STUART FLENLEY MUSICIAN /// VISUAL ARTIST   Stuart Flenley is a musician, songwriter, sonic and visual artist. Flenley is a vocalist, guitarist and works with electronic sound. Visually Flenley has focused on drawing mediums and video art. Flenley sings and plays...

Astrid Meurer

Astrid Meurer

ASTRID MEURER SOUND ARTIST / DIGITAL ARTIST   Astrid joined Noise Scavengers in April 2022. Astrid works through various sonic mediums with the band including guitar, found sound and electronics. Astrid also works through the medium of digital, exhibiting digital...

Daniel Munnery

Daniel Munnery

DANIEL MUNNERY computer-based sound maker Joining The Amplified Elephants in 2012, Daniel has quickly developed an oeuvre as an electronic laptop-based sound artist. Mentored by JOLT director James Hullick and sound artist Steve Richards (aka Cleaning Lady), Daniel...

Esther Tuddenham

Esther Tuddenham

ESTHER TUDDENHAM voice / synthesizers / electronic music / photography / poetry   Esther is a sound artist, poet, photographer and intermedia creative mind. Esther explores human emotions and their utterance in her work. In 2021 Esther completed her book of...