Stuart Flenley




Stuart Flenley is a musician, songwriter, sonic and visual artist. Flenley is a vocalist, guitarist and works with electronic sound. Visually Flenley has focused on drawing mediums and video art.

Flenley sings and plays guitar in The Hackkets, a band brought together by Footscray Community Arts’ ArtLife Program. The Hackkets have been going strong for over 25 years, having played at many venues around Melbourne, and various festivals in Australia. The Hackkets have released two albums: THE HACKKETS (2012, Hullick Studios) and SO FAAR, SO GOOD (2023, Hullick Studios).

Flenley joined the Sonic Adventurers Collective in 2020. In 2022 Stuart premiered a range of new video and 2D works through the Sonic Adventurers exhibition THE RED LINE at Wangaratta Art Gallery & JOLTED Arts Space. In 2023 Flenley presented in the DAREBIN ART SALON (Bundoora Homestead) and PRIMEVAL (JOLTED Arts Space).

Stuart also performs with sound art band Noise Scavengers. He toured the show Augmented Hyenas with the band to Japan in 2023, performing regularly in Australia. Noise Scavengers explores the intersection of sound art, technology and rock band instrumentation.

Flenley is mentored by Suzannah Espie for The Hackkets, and James Hullick & Michael Hewes in sonic art. Flenley is mentored by Alister Karl for visual art.