Esther Tuddenham



Esther is a sound artist, poet, photographer and intermedia creative mind. Esther explores human emotions and their utterance in her work.

In 2021 Esther completed her book of poetry and photography titled THE SEA-ER. The work outlines a tale of a young women who develops the power of seeing into the future. In 2022 Esther premiered The Sea-er as a stage production (spoken word, music, video, live performance). In 2023 Esther released The Sea-er album (Hullick Studios).

Esther is a member of two ensembles: The Amplified Elephants and Noise Scavengers.

The Amplified Elephants released their album Deep Creatures (Heavy Machinery Records) in 2021. Esther is both a poet and musician on the record. Together with The Amplified Elephants, Esther performed in the 15-min production HAGOROMO with Japanese Noh singer Ryoko Aoki in 2021. Both Deep Creatures and Hagoromo were then premiered in full in 2022.

In the following year (2023) Esther toured with The Amplified Elephants and Noise Scavengers to Yokohama and Kyoto in Japan.

In 2021 Esther joined the Noise Scavengers. The group released their latest album Augmented Hyenas in 2023, performing the work in Australia and abroad.

Esther has toured to Japan with The Amplified Elephants for THE HOWLING SOUND (2012), and then to China and Hong Kong with SHHHH and sound artist Nat Grant (2017). Esther has performed in many of the ensemble’s ground breaking shows: THE NIS (2009–); THE MOUNTAIN (2010) both at fortyfivedownstairs; SHHHH (2016–17) at Meat Market, Melbourne and in Asia; and SELF SEEKERS at Footscray Community Arts Centre for the Festival of Live Art (2018).







Through the ArtLife Program at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, Esther has presented a large body of work across more than a decade, with recent productions including HER FOCUS (a group photography exhibition, 2019); ONE OF US (a dance show, 2019); HEART (a group visual art exhibition, 2019) and DANCE CAPTAINS (a dance show, 2018).