Opening Day: 8 October, 2pm until 12 November

JOLTED Gallery


A gallery exhibition supported by art book releases by Louise Hunter and Jay Euesden

This exhibition combines a range of retrospective and new works from each of the artists in the exhibition. Louise Hunter’s work recurringly explores themes around flowers, nature and abstraction that are then expressed through highly tactile visual art methods. Jay Euesden’s work often tabulates collections of domestic and urban items. Jay is a visual collector, such that he may bring organisation to the often-chaotic world around him. Karl’s work stems from his heightened drawing discipline, where the medium of drawing is expanded in exploratory ways, often incorporating other creative mediums.

The Tactile & Tabulations exhibition will be running alongside Poetic Flock an outdoor event in the JOLTED Gallery Courtyard.

Both Hunter and Euesden are emerging visual artists who have been mentored by Alister Karl through Hullick Studios‘ and JOLT Arts’ A.M.P. program. A.M.P. provides one-on-one mentoring, career pathways and sizeable commissions for artists in the NDIS sector. Alister Karl is an established artist who has created works spanning a range of mediums from drawing to art installation.

BOOK – TACTILE by Louise Hunter

BOOK – TABULATED by Jay Euesden



JOLTED Arts Space: 8 October, 2pm – 12 November



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and Creative Victoria.



Jay Euesden

Jay Euesden

JAY EUESDEN synthesisers / electronics / percussion   Along with Robyn McGrath and Kathryn Sutherland, Euesden is a founding member of The Amplified Elephants (2006-). Euesden’s practice is focused on minimalist sonic patterns, usually realising these ideas through...

Louise Hunter

Louise Hunter

LOUISE HUNTER sound artist /visual artist Louise has a background in visual arts, and has recently expanded her creative practice to include the medium of sound. Louise has actively shown work at a range of art galleries in Melbourne, including Testing Grounds,...

Alister Karl

Alister Karl

ALISTER KARL visual artist / curator / support worker Alister Karl has been a practising artist for more than 20 years, and is an experienced teacher, curator and arts manager. He works in a range of media and disciplines, and has exhibited extensively in Victoria and...