Jay Euesden



Along with Robyn McGrath and Kathryn Sutherland, Euesden is a founding member of The Amplified Elephants (2006-). Euesden’s practice is focused on minimalist sonic patterns, usually realising these ideas through synthesisers. Euesden is a founding member of the Sonic Adventurers Collective (2019-) – a gallery-based visual art and sound collective.

In 2022 Euesden premiered a range of live projects with The Amplified Elephants including DEEP CREATURES, which was released as an album on Heavy Machinery Records (2021), and HAGOROMO featuring Japanese Noh singer Ryoko Aoki. Euesden has premiered new video, audio and 2D works with the Sonic Adventurers Collective for THE RED LINE exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery.

Jay launched his art book TABULATIONS to coincide with his exhibition with Louise Hunter titled FLOWERS & TABULATIONS at JOLTED Arts Space in 2022. The book showcases Jay’s remarkable graphic and watercolour works that tabulate various everyday items. The essay in the book is by Australian critic and artist Philip Brophy.

Having performed in nearly all The Amplified Elephants projects since the ensemble’s conception, a career highlight for Euesden was the show THE NIS (2009, 2013), which involved performing on robotic music instruments and in collaboration with the BOLT Ensemble (a chamber orchestra). In that show, Euesden performed solo synthesiser sequences against an orchestral backdrop. In 2015, Jay toured to the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music to perform SELECT NATURALIS, a show featuring the Duckworth Hullick Duo’s Resonance Table touch screen musical interface. The show was again presented in 2018 at RMIT University. Most recently, in 2018 Euesden performed SELF SEEKERS for the Festival of Live Art and then remounted the work at the Footscray Community Arts in 2019.

Jay is mentored by Alister Karl and James Hullick.


Jay appears on albums by The Amplified Elephants and Sonic Adventurers:




Video by Jay Euesden. Sound by Euesden, Alisa Chu & Daniel Munnery