Le Scatterman /// Hullick

The Robert Salzer Series




Presented by PBS 106.7FM, JOLT & Hullick Studios. Supported by Salzer Foundation and City of Melbourne.



A recently divorced sound artist dad gorges on new lows in parenting, human engagement and generally being crap.

‘The audience followed Scatterman as he talked to himself, gesticulating and staggering around a couch or playing a prepared piano while opening one beer can after another. Uncouth antics were contrasted by candid images of his family’. Le Scatterman addresses ‘the self-defeating idea of seeking the perfect life: the perfect husband, mother, child, society or artist’. Cool Perth Nights.

Part solo concert (prepared piano/guitar/voice/synthesisers), part commedia dell’arte: Le Scatterman features unruly flashes of stand-up comedy, and a twist of performance art, delivered by Australia’s recalcitrant sound artist James Hullick.

Recently, Le Scatterman has been adapted into episodes on radio for PBS 106.7FM airing Sundays 10pm, 8–29 November on The Sound Barrier show, presented by Ian Parsons.


Cast Live – James Hullick

Cast in Video – Charlotte Bolcskey + Astrid & Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick

Director///Composer – James Hullick




2023: JOLTED Arts Space: 11-12 August

2022: JOLT Arts Space, Melbourne International Comedy Festival: 26-29 May (cancelled due to COVID-19)

2020: PBS 106.7FM 4 x 30min Show Simulcast : 8-29 November

2016: Perth Arts Centre, TURA New Music: 23 August



This project has been supported by the The Robert Salzer Foundation, and assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. This project was commissioned by The City of Melbourne and Flash Forward. The work was presented for radio by PBS 106.7FM during lockdowns. 



James Hullick

James Hullick

JAMES HULLICK JOLT Director & CEO / Composer / Musician   HULLICKSTUDIOS.COM   James Hullick is an auditory creator like no other in Australia. Recently James’ artistic identity has been shifting from cutting-edge composer to that of an all out iconic...

Charlotte Bolcskey

Charlotte Bolcskey

CHARLOTTE BOLCSKEY creative producer Charlotte is a creative producer working with JOLT Arts. Charlotte appears from time-to-time in works by her husband, James Hullick, usually in the form of audio-recorded voice, but sometimes also in video. Through her producing...

Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick

Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick

SCARLET BOLCSKEY-HULLICK sound artist / vocalist Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick is daughter to James Hullick. She will debut alongside her sister, Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick, in the shows Le Scatterman and Strange Is The New Normal (as part of the video art content) and War of...

Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick

Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick

ASTRID BOLCSKEY-HULLICK sound artist / vocalist Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick is daughter to James Hullick and has previously performed a theatre role in Disruptive Critters by the Duckworth Hullick Duo for Melbourne Music Week 2017 followed by a performance as Princess...