Carolyn Connors is a Melbourne based vocalist, composer, pianist, and accordionist. She creates new works in the fields of contemporary music and theatre.

In 2015 Carolyn composed and performed new works for Liquid Architecture, ABC radio’s Sound Proof, and The Big West Festival; she travelled to Chengdu for the development of new work In a Chengdu Teahouse; performances included SoundOut festival, and works by Aviva Endean for Chamber Made Opera, and Andrea Keeble for the Slow Music Festival. Carolyn was awarded the 2015 Age Melbourne Music Award for Avant Garde and Experimental music.

Carolyn’s vocal work expands the possibilities of the acoustic voice.  The works with preparations extend the voice (What comes after love, 2015; Sonatas for Voice and Objects, 2010; Mirabilia, 1992;). The theatre works are designed for listening to: meaning and navigation are embedded in the sound rather than in text or visual cues (Material Mouth, 2007; Nocturne, 2010).

Carolyn’s work in ensemble settings include Hammers Lake,  a trio with cellist Judith Hamann which is informed by new classical, avant-garde, and improvisation practices. As a collaborator she has made new work with many companies including Chamber Made Opera, JOLT, Quiver New Music Ensemble, and Elision; and with many artists including Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, David Chesworth, Cynthia Troupe, David Tolley, Stevie Wishart, Warren Burt, and Jill Orr. She regularly creates real-time compositions with local and international musicians in improvisation settings.

Carolyn is equally active in theatre performance. She is the lead in Still Awake Still  (2011- ). Companies she has performed with include Finucane and Smith (Carnival of Mysteries, Gotharama) and Perilous Productions (Golden Valley, The Chapel Perilous).

Carolyn has taught at Victoria University, NMIT, the VCA, and with private students; was a voice and comedy trainer for the Australian Clown Doctors; has mentored through the Arts Victoria mentoring program; has been musical director with DVA, Perilous Productions and Pocketfool; and regularly appears as a guest presenter.