Steven Hagiliassis


Sound Artist / Media Artist


Steven Hagiliassis has been involved with JOLT for the last 6 months as part of the Sonic Adventurers Collective, but has been producing grand musical explorations for many years under his performance names, Utrenja Ensemble and Sergei Koslov.

Utrenja Ensemble is a one-man Darksynth project from Melbourne, Australia, heavily inspired by the magnum opus composition of Penderecki, Utrenja. As well as Retrowave, Impressionism, and Russian Orthodox Liturgical Chants. My music is sinful. My music is holy. My music is Orthodox. Utrenja Ensemble may as well be the future of music.

As Sergei Koslov, Steven explores the classical sound world utilising more typical instrumental sounds. Inspired by Widor, Rachmanioff, Mahler, the works are often grand technical explorations of just one instrument.

Steven exhibited video and sound art work with the Sonic Adventurers Collective in the show Primeval, which premiered at JOLTED Arts Space in 2023. Alongside his sonic work Steven explores visual and media art mediums.