Stevie Richards is a Woodwind player and DIY Electronics performer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been touring Europe, the United States and South-East Asia regularly for the last 8 years and is an active participant in the avant-garde / improvisation environment of Naarm / Melbourne. He has been the sound engineer, one of several curators and a committee member of Make It Up Club in Melbourne since 2002.

He started performing in the alternative music scene in Sydney in the eighties, where he found and appreciation for improvisation and electronic music. As a musician, he has moved through noise, free jazz, ambient and electroacoustic music both as a soloist and through deliberate international collaboration. Stevie performs in several solo projects and ensembles including : sl_richards , cleaninglady , Cavies ! , Richards/Palliser/Wadley to name a few.

Stevie’s latest release :

sl_richards : ‘closed system’ released on NCTMMRN records. This album features minimal electronic / electroacoustic material recorded on his home built DIY Buchla Music Easel and DIY Serge Modular.