Sonic Flock



Duration: variable


Presented in public spaces as a gathering – or flock – of black teepees, each tent big enough for just two people. Within each, a brief work of sonic performance unfolds, a work solely for you – the only other person in the room. Sonic Flock is a collective work that celebrates the fluid creativity of communities.

The Sonic Flock is an experiential aural exhibit with a decidedly intimate twist – a free-form, immersive sonic art action with a rotating roster of dynamic local and international performers. Aside from the tepee design, the work also consists of a set of instructions, which are then expressed by improvising artists.

Some of the previous Sonic Flock performers have been: Carolyn Connors, Jim Denley, Laura Altman, Erick Mitsak, Adam Simmons, Nat Grant, Noriko Tadano, Berni M Janssen, Cal Lyall, Teagan Connor, Esther Tuddenham, Kathryn Sutherland, Daniel Munnery, Jay Euesden, Liz Hoffbauer, Tom Oakes, Ben Oakes, Peter Neville, Karen Heath, Belinda Woods, Phoebe Green, Dave Brown, Michael Hewes, Robyn McGrath, Dale Gorefinkel, Miranda Hill, Caerwen Martin, Carmen Chan, and many more.

A version of the work was presented as Poetic Flock in 2022 (JOLTED Arts Space, Big Anxiety Festival) featuring a range of poets: Josh Cake, Emilie Collyer, Angela Costi, Anna Fern, Es Foong, Kerry Loughrey, Lish Skec, Paul Skec, Thabani Tshuma, Esther Tuddenham, Berni M Janssen.


JOLTED Courtyard, Safe in Sound Festival: 24 November 2023

JOLTED Courtyard, Big Anxiety Festival: 8 October 2022

Meat Market, Book of Daughters: 10–12 November 2016

Melbourne Festival, Federation Square, Atrium: October 2013