Richard Allen


engineer / musician / sculptor

An engineer/musician/sculptor, Richard has built everything from life-size animatronic dinosaurs to tiny fluffy musical puppets. With Richie’s Electric Playground, he created unique squeezable twistable danceable instruments that everyone can play, touring the UK and Australia with a solar-powered jamming roadshow. Recently, Richard has worked closely with JOLT Arts and the interabilities sonic ensemble, The Amplified Elephants, to create a mindboggling variety of robotic musical instruments and performances including “Cranky Robotics” and “The NIS” in conjunction with the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Richie has contributed to Glastonbury Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Earthdream 2000, Darwin Fringe festival (2000) The Big Day Out, Mekanarky, Autopsy and the Sustainable Living Festival.