Max Cheevers


Max Cheevers is a sound artist and drummer/percussionist. Max explores film based media in his work also. He is influenced by history, sci-fi and fantasy, movie soundtracks, ambient, rock, and sound from many mediums.

Max works organically in the structure of his music creations, fusing his diverse musical tastes to influence his own unique artistic voice. Max creates laptop-based sound art and improvises on percussion with polyrhythms and other unique rhythmic structures. He is mentored by Peter Neville on drums, and laptop-based music creation by Michael Hewes.

Max performed with the Noise Scavengers, a sound art band represented by JOLT Arts. Noise Scavengers premiered the show Augmented Hyenas in 2022 at JOLTED Arts Space. The project included building wearable synths and controllers with Australian machine legend Stelarc and supported by roboticist Richard Allen.

In 2023 the Noise Scavengers released the album Augmented Hyenas (Hullick Studios). Augmented Hyenas toured to Japan and then back to Australia in 2023.

In 2023 Max joined MAS (Maximum Art Skills) and the group presented the exhibition HEAD/SPACES for the FUSE Festival (City of Darebin) at JOLTED Arts Space. A version of Max’s MAS work is shown below: