support worker

Jude is a professional Support Worker with more than 15 years of experience working in Arts Learning environments.

In 2021 Jude is the Support Worker for several individual participants in the JOLT Arts program, and for the Sonic Adventurers Collective and The Amplified Elephants arts ensembles.

Prior to working with JOLT Arts, she worked with Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) ArtLife Program (2007 to 2020), an inclusive arts-based program for Artists from diverse backgrounds. During her employment with FCAC she carried out Support Worker, Teacher and Management roles.

While with ArtLife Jude worked as a Support Worker with The Amplified Elephants on many projects and performances, including supporting several Amplified Elephants during a trip and performances to China and Hong Kong in 2017.

Jude is passionate about fairness, social justice, advocacy, and knowledge of the natural environment, the latter reinforced by her work as a professional horticulturalist. She sees great merit in the blend of art and sciences and is energised to work inclusively alongside the Sound Artists at JOLT to support and enable their innate creativity.