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These are one-on-one workshops: one participant with one mentoring artist. It is possible to share the workshop with a friend. This program is for focused development of your arts practice. You may choose to further your art skills, work on building up your public profile, enhance your technology skills and other actions that improve your abilities as a practicing artist.

The best way to think about this program is as a ‘studio day’. Multiple artists will be undertaking one-to-one and two-to-one workshops on those days in separate rooms with separate mentors. You can mix and match your hours and mentors to suit your schedule and arts practice, as well as interact and socialise with the other artists.

Recommended durations for once-a-week mentoring sessions are: 9:30-12pm; 12:30-3pm; 3-5:30pm.

You can choose the slots that suit you best, or we can shorten or lengthen a slot’s duration depending on mentor availability.

JOLT will work with you to establish a pathway that suits your career goals. We recommend that you only take this program if you are in one of our ensembles. Workshops can be undertaken on Zoom.


JOLTED Arts Space, 342 High St., Northcote


Weekdays — as Mentors are available. One workshop per week.

Mentor slots available from:

9:30am-5:30pm in person or on Zoom. During Terms. Not on public holidays.

Mentoring Artists:

Select from a range of mentoring artists

Support Workers:

As required.