Brigid Burke


Woodwind Specialist, Composer, Visual/Media & Educator

Dr Brigid Burke is an Australian composer, performance artist, clarinet soloist, visual artist, video artist and educator whose creative practice explores the use of acoustic sound and technology to enable media performances and installations that are rich in aural and visual nuances. Her work is widely presented in concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Australia, Asia, Brazil, Europe and the USA.

Brigid’s main focus is integrating musical ideas with a combination of different media. Each component of media is a tool in the exploration of her artistic process: sound (acoustic, laptop, clarinets and electronics), composition, improvisation, installation, collaboration (with dancers, acoustic performers and other new media performers), print making, pen and ink drawings, painting and animation (digital). 

She regularly works across a range of contexts including experimental and improvised music, new chamber music, classical music ensembles and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Brigid’s work seeks to extend beyond the boundaries of her art form and to reimagine the possibilities of sound and visual.