text artist / poet / performer

Text artist, creates with artists and people in communities. Words are at the heart. Books published include Xstatic, mangon and lake/vale. Texts have been published in print and online literary magazines and anthologies including: Cordite; Heat 12; Meanjin; La Traducterie. Australian Poets Today. (France); Poetry and Gender. UQP; She’s Fantastical, An Anthology of Australian Womens Non-Realist Fiction. She is known for her lively/evocative/invigorating/captivating/engaging/ performances. Her work has been presented and performed live at festivals and events, here and overseas, and on radio. Interdisciplinary collaborations with artists including: Warren Burt; Lawrence Harvey; Jodee Mundy, Carolyn Connors, Margaret Trail, James Hullick; have been presented and performed, amongst others: ABC Radio’s: Poetica, New Music Australia, Books and Writing; Aural Text 3 RRR; La Mama Poetica; EN RED 0. VII Symposium of Electroacoustic and Electronic Music (Spain); MIFA. Composer, Chris Dench, has created libretti with berni’s words – ik(s)land(s) performed by Elision, in Brisbane, Los Angeles and Berlin; and n (ich) t performed by Aphids Trio.

Photo: Tim McNeilage, WoW Studios