BAM! Workshop /// Mondays



BAM! is a blast of sonic fun. This workshop playfully explores the many ways of making sound. The workshop is run by a leading industry artist who then invites other guest artists to help participants experience and learn a wide range of ways of making music and sound art.
This workshop program is excellent for people who are starting out in a career of creative sound and music making, but seek further skill development.
Participants in the program will be able to use the large range of music equipment housed at JOLTED, including synthesisers, band instruments (guitars etc), percussion instruments (drums etc), recording equipment and more.
Participants in the program will create concerts, recordings, sound installations and all the awesome things they can think of.

This program is for adults: 18 years or older. Workshops can be undertaken on Zoom if you are unable to attend in person.


JOLTED Arts Space, 342 High St., Northcote


 Monday 9:30am-3:30pm.  Plus Social Activities. During Terms. Not on public holidays.

2023 Dates:

During Terms

Mentoring Artists:

Leading industry artists

Support Worker:

1 Support Worker