Alice Bennett


flute /// woodwinds

Alice Bennett is a sound artist and producer with creative work encompassing composition, installations, and live performance of both written and improvised music. She is interested in acoustic ecology and bioacoustics and her work focuses on relationships with the environment. Her music bounces around the borders of experimental sound art and electronic dance music with heavy influences from the 20th Century avant-garde and 1980s synth pop.

After completing an Honours Degree Bachelor of Music in classical flute performance at Monash University, Alice launched Tilde New Music and Sound Art Inc. with colleague Vincent Giles, delivering five festivals and three summer academies focussed on new and experimental music in Melbourne.

Alice taught at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) as an Academic Lecturer in music composition and production for 8 years. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in tertiary music education, arguing for the support of diverse styles of music and diverse methods of creative expression within the academy. After sustaining a brain injury in a road cycling accident in 2019 she has focused on disability advocacy and accessibility within tertiary music education and completed a Masters of Cultural Leadership at NIDA in 2022. She now works as a Diversity Advisor at Bendigo Kangan Institute, making TAFE more accessible for diverse students.

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